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Finally finished @_@…

I ended up making the scene at night and adding a color halftone effect + paper to try to make it seem as if it was one of the actual show cards. This image was inspired by a dream I had in which Marceline was saving Bubblegum from some kind of threat (in the darkness of night!). The dream never revealed what kind of threat buuuut who cares right? :) It still makes for a cool image.

*edit* I also added some close-up detail shots. Hope you enjoy!

I might draw a follow-up image of the post-battle so I can make a more “romancy” picture ;)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! This took me a little over 24 hours to complete. The painting was all done digitally and I used Kyle T. Webster’s brush sets to help me make it look as cool as it does. Hope you all enjoy my first real digital painting!

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